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Broadsands Beach Guide

The beach huts at Broadsands, Goodrington feel like the start of the south coast beach hut coastline beginning at Devon and following all the way around to Essex.

The beach huts here echo this feeling with two very separate styles of huts that call this location home, the beach front and grass meadow plots reflect the variety in places beach huts are housed all along the coastline.

Spacious, painted in subtle pastels of yellows, pinks, blues and greens, fronted by adorable porches, these freestanding beach huts lie metres away from the more traditional white and brightly coloured free standing smaller sized beach huts. The green pasture complimenting and enhancing the pastel colours of the beach huts, while the ones of the same style and palette are also at one with their position nestled in on the sea front.

Sweeping around to the left along the water's edge are the white pitched roofs with brightly coloured, sometimes personalised door style of beach hut These beach huts stand proudly looking out to sea and have direct access to the sand and water, along with undisturbed views of the waves and beyond.

The conveniently close car park and the obligatory sea front cafe and bar here cater for all your needs.

A wonderful spot for water sports and sunbathing, you can also take a stroll along the seafront or stay at your beach hut and enjoy the fresh sea air and gorgeous views.

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